Improvements – 改善

Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s doing well? Good.

Let’s get straight to it.

About a month ago I started this blog merely for the sake of providing myself with motivation and practice for the languages I am currently learning, improving or planning to learn. However, despite the dwindling number of views and followers of this blog, I have decided that it is time to improve it in several ways, both for the sake of potential readers and certainly for myself to gain experience in the art of organizing (it truely is an art to me). In order to achieve this, I must make some changes/impovements:

  • Structuring my writings.
  • Categorizing posts clearly; easy to navigate. Archiving less relevant posts.
  • Focus on language learning.


Structuring my writings

Although I have only posted a handful of entries (14 exactly), not even half of them are as well-structured as I want them to be now. I have always written my stories in one sitting without reviewing or polishing, aside from correcting spelling errors. From now on, I will try my best to implement structure to my writing. Fortunately, WordPress has all the tools necessary to create a neat layout, such as bullet points, bold and italics, blockquotes etc. I never closely paid attention to how much of an impact they can have on readers’ experience. However, the main issue so far has been (or rather, not been) the order and/or lengths of paragraphs . Not that hard to improve, check it out.

Categorizing posts

A clear, fast and easy-to-navigate overview of the posts is also something I have longed for as soon as I had discovered the ability to group posts into multiple categories, even with the option of parent-categories. It might not seem such an incredible huge deal, but it will be on the long run. Assuming I write 5-10 posts a month, which is reasonable, and assuming I persistently update my blog for at least a whole year, it will add up to about 60-120 posts, which is incredibly hard to navigate. Why navigate? I will explain in the next paragraph. Although I haven’t found the proper button yet, I presume there must be a way to archive posts. With time, more and more posts will become irrelevant or relatively poorly written (assuming I get better at this :P).

Focus on language learning

This. As I said before, I had initially started this blog to keep track of my own improvements and to provide for some sort of extrinsic motivation to stay on schedule. However, as I have found others’ blogs incredibly useful for improving my language learning abilites and overall for motivation, I want my blog to be of use for others too. As for now, it seems utterly pointless since the majority of readers consists of my friends and people whom I met on forums. In the future, who knows? I might actually manage to become a polyglot to some extent, gaining followers and inspiring others to get learning! Even thinking about it makes me overconfident and ridiculously optimistic, but;

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ~Les Brown

Italics are definitely my favourite already. That and overused quotes, I mean, there is a reason they are so widely known and used, ですね? So, in knowing that my blog will serve others a purpose, I honestly want to structure it so that people reading it are able to comprehend it, but moreover, gain knowledge and motivation from it. Needless to say, all this will all be in the name of language-learning.

Final words

Hopefully, this entry just now wasn’t too boring for all you wonderful people who have made it this far. I just felt the need to inform that I am getting serious with this blog. Also, I just recently managed to pass my first year of my bachelors study (yay), so that’s one less worry pounding. Summer vacation is rapidly ending (only ½way yet lol), and so is slacking! Here’s to polyglotism and its countless benefits in life!

PS. I just remembered about the post/site that got everything started for me. Voilá:
-Squidoo How to learn Japanese – The Truth

PPS. The font I initially loved is proving to be a nuisance for reading. Let’s change that too 😉