もう多いアニメ!- Again lots of anime



Hello again, dear readers. I’m back after my 3 week holiday in France where I have enjoyed myself a lot, partially due to the new AMAZING anime and some incredibly good movies I have been seen lately. As I did last time, I will go over a few of these anime which I already highly recommend to everybody, despite your preferences. I finished 氷菓 (Hyouka) shortly after writing about it. It was a good watch and overall interesting to say the least. The only downside to me would be that after all the tension built up between the main characters, no actual affection is shown. But I heard there were some special additional episodes so there’s still hope! Let’s get started.

進撃の巨人 – Attack on Titan
Now, I am sure people who are up-to-date with the releases of new series are currently watching this. Otherwise you have probably read a review on it either way. Because it’s good. Currently at episode 15 of a total which supposedly only will become 25, but I am sure the popularity of this series won’t allow this serie to end there. As for the storyline. The year is 845. Humans have managed to live peacefully within 50-meter high walls for over a century, protected from the 5 to 15m tall Titans living outside, roaming the earth hungry for nothing but human flesh. One day, a massive Titan spawns out of thin air and destroys the walls, causing hundreds of titans to roam and eradicate 1/5 of mankind. The main character decides to take revenge for the loss of his family by dedicating his life to derstoying all titans. However, through some unknown potion he was given once, he gains the ability to turn himself into a titan. That’s where things get real interesting. I suggest you go watch it right away!

男子高校生の日常 – Daily life of High school boys

Much less serious and completely different from Attack on Titan, this series is, as you guessed, about the daily life of high school boys in Japan. The episodes consist of smaller, 1 to 5 minute subchapters which are all incredibly comical. Funny as it seems, I myself recognise quite a lot from my own high school, but maybe not as extreme as in this series. It features 3 main characters, 3 boys, who are best friends. There is no main story line but there is a certain chronological order in the parts. not much else I can say. It is incredibly funny and keeps the viewers’ attention because of the short parts and swift plot twists. It also consists of many different animation styles, which is nice for a change. Definitely recommend it to you! 


As of yet, I have only seen 3 episodes of this series, but I am liking it a lot already. There is a total of 12 episodes each lasting 20-sth minutes. The story is quite simple but very interesting and action paced. Our main character is (another) high school student who plays a certain video game involving bombs. He is so good at the game to the extent that he makes it to top 10. However, one night, he is knocked unconscious by some men in suits on the street, only finding himself the next morning on a tropical island with a satchel of real life bombs. The objective, kill the other ‘players’, if you ever want to make it off the island…
Due to the short number of episodes, this series stays action-packed and doesn’t involve hour long dialogues which work on my nerves (especially after 500 episodes of Naruto and Dragonball-Z). The story line is simple yet interesting. I still have to see more before I can give it a definite rating or recommendation. It was recommended to me by a friend who I know watches tons of anime himself.

That’s it for now. I won’t talk to long about the movies I watched since there were a lot. The best of them, to me, being Silver Linings Playbook and Perks of being a Wallflower. Especially the latter completely surprised me, as I thought it was another of those American, high school kid, comedies. In fact, turned to be a really good and surely recognisable for every person who is at least a little introverted. Oh, and Emma Watson’s in it, yeah! 😀 Go watch them. I’ll be back soon!



How to study Kanji and Grammar using Anki Decks.

少ない漢字を学びたけど、もっと文法を勉強しています。今日は、僕の学習方法について話したいです。はすでに学習を開始する方法について話しましたけど、次にはANKI DECKSを使用する方法である:

1. 新言葉と例文の発音を聞いてます。そして例文を言う。
2. 手で文章を書く。それは漢字の読み書きを分かるのためにです。
3. ひらがなで未知の単語を書く。
4. 本当に難しい新言葉であれば、訳書を書きます。でも、母語よりも日本語で学ぶこと良いです。

5. リピートをしてなさい。



Buenas noches a todos. Ha sido un largo tiempo desde que escribí en Japonés.
Esta semana he estudiado muchisimo con la guía de gramática de Tae Kim. Todavía estoy en Francia en vacaciones de verano y no he aprendido muchos Kanjis pero sí estaba practicando gramática. Quiero enseñar mi manera de aprender Japonés utilizando los Anki Decks. Ya conté cómo a empezar el aprendizaje de Japonés, pues hoy contaré cómo yo uso Anki para practicar Kanji y gramática:

1. Escuchas la pronunciación de las nuevas palabras y frases ejemplares. También hay que repetirlos en voz alta.

2. Copias la frase ejemplar a mano para comprender cómo se escribe y lee los kanjis.

3. Escribes la lectura de las nuevas palabras en Hiragana.

4. Si algúna palabra es demasiado dificil, traducelo a su idioma. Sin embargo, es mejor aprenderlos en Japonés que en su lengua materna.

5. Repitelo!

Eso fue mi manera de aprender casi entre 20 y 30 nuevas palabras cada día por las  dos semanas pasadas. Se da una comprensión de cómo se estructura frases,  cómo se usa algunos particulos y la conjugación de unos verbos.

Buena Suerte!


Good evening 😀
It’s been a long time since I wrote a piece in Japanese. This week I have been studying a lot using Tae Kim’s grammar guide. I’m still on summer vacation in France and I haven’t learned a lot of Kanji but I did do a lot of studying on grammar. Today I want to talk about my (current) learning method. I already talked about how to start learning, but this post will be on how to learn using the Anki Decks I provided the link of in my first post:

1. Listen to the pronounciation of the new word and it’s exemplary sentence and repeat them out loud.

2. Write the sentence by hand in order to understand the reading and writing of the kanji.

3. Write down the readings of the new words in Hiragana.

4. If any words in the exemplary sentences are really difficult, write down the translation. However, it is better to learn them in Japanese instead of translating to your mother tongue.

5. Repeat 😀

This is how I’be been acquiring new vocabulary by 20 to 30 new words every day for the past 2 weeks. It also gives a great feel and understanding of how sentences are constructed, how certain particles are used and the conjugations of verbs.

Good luck!

私の夢! – My dream

dream yume


Los 3 idiomas que quiero aprender en el momento son: Japonés (como adivinaste), el Español y … el Sueco! Como he dicho antes, he ido a España hace 1 año, y descubrí que no es tan difícil si realmente lo desea. Sí, va a costar mucho tiempo, pero con el método correcto y suficiente pasión, se pueder aprender cualqier lengua que desee. Yo sé que he sido flojo/perezoso (todavía estoy inseguro cuando a usar cual de los dos xD), pero después de mis exámenes finales voy a practicarlo de nuevo, de cierto. En cuanto a Sueco…

Hej! Detta kommer att bli den första gången som jag skriver på svenska. När jag var i Spanien jag träffade några svenska flickor, och blev intresserad av språket. Det låter alltid glad och mycket som mitt modersmål. Också, några av de bästa filmer och böcker är ursprungligen på svenska. Det är därför jag ville lära mig svenska också.

So, from now on, I declare this blog officially multilingual! Not just about Japanese (although it will remain my main focus of study) but also Spanish (which fortunately doesn’t require too much effort for me) and every now and then some Swedish!

Good night, wish me luck ;)!